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This website collects our photos since 2012. Hover your mouse over "Photos" above and make your selection. By all means leave comments on the individual photos or a message in the Guestbook. To see our photos from 2005 to 2011 click here. To go back even earlier, click here.

Our 2013 photos cover a visit to the Inn at Little Washington, our Texas roadtrip and a visit to Hampton Court Palace in the UK. The main (photographic) event of 2014 was our Round-the-World trip. We wrote occasional entries in a blog as we circled the world; we've left the blog online in case you want to relive the experience with us.

It seems we didn't take many photos during 2015-16. That changed in 2017 on our "O Canada" road trip with long-time fellow trippers, Marion and David. Interestingly, we didn't use our Nikon DSLR at all on that trip. Nearly all the shots were taken on an iPhone 6.